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Friction-less Operating Model

In today’s hyper-competitive world, your ability to maximize value delivery depends on your capacity to leverage advanced technology strategies, evolutionary operating models, and adaptive leadership styles.

We help you to capitalize on opportunities, respond to competitive threats and scale successful investments by reducing organizational friction from your company’s structures, processes, and culture. We bring deep expertise in lean change management, organizational design and value-driven portfolio management, creating a smooth flow from business strategy to execution.

We recognize that enterprise digital transformation is difficult and that the way you transition from your current way of working to a better way is critically important to the adoption and sustainability of change. We advocate a lean change management approach — implementing change in incremental thin slices that are prioritized to maximize transformation goals, minimize risk and deliver value from the start.

We knew from the outset that we wanted to take a different approach to digital transformation, focusing on what our residents really need, and on our in-house culture and agile delivery at pace. ThoughtWorks has helped us design our own ways of working, and supported us with technology choices and architecture design that would stand the test of time.